Our Website Building Process

How to get started? What is the process involved in creating a website? 

Let's Get Started!

Our process is designed to be very simple and straightforward:

  1. 1.] TELL US about your business & send us your content (text & images, Youtube Videos) our simple Guide for your Pages contents.
  2. 2.] CHOOSE a Web Design Package & Pay 50% Initial Payment.
  3. 3.] REGISTER Domain & Hosting “Choose ECO LITE” & send us your Login Details.
  4. 4.] PICK from our Premade Designs or tell us your preferred designs.
  5. 5.] We will BUILD & CUSTOMIZE your website.
  6. 6.] You REVIEW your website within 7 days.
  7. 7.] We do the final REVISION.
  8. 8.] PAY the Remaining 50% Balance Payment.
  9. 9.] We will LAUNCH your Website Live

Congratulations on your New Website!