Pre-made Designs

Our Portfolio

We have Already Spent Hours and Hours to Provide you Pre-designed Website Layouts in Multiple Industries to Help you Make your Life Easier In Getting Started with your Project quickly and to Help you Visualize How your Website would Look Like Eventually. Then, we Customize it to your Own Brand.

CATERING is an Elegant Predesigned WordPressWebsite for modern Events, Food Catering and Corporate Business Banquets.

FASTFOOD RESTAURANT is Predesigned  and built for any Fastfood Restaurant, Cafe’s or Coffee Shops, BBQ Restos, Bakeries, Food, etc.

HOTEL is a perfect Predesigned WordPress Website Theme for any Hotel, Motel, Resorts, Drive Inns, Accommodation, etc.

RESTAURANT is our Pre-made WordPress Website Theme Perfect for all types of Modern Restaurants, Culinary, Food Experts, etc.

Perfect for Day Spa, Massage Salons, Hot Tub, Wellness Centers, Hair Spa, Nail Design Studios, Hairdressers, Beauty Salons, Spa Resorts, etc.

Perfect for Doctors, Health Clinics, Hospitals and Medical Organizations Like Pharmacy or Health Care Professionals like a Dentist, Surgeon, Ophthalmologist, Veterinarian, etc.

Perfect for Accounting Firms, Auditing Companies, Chartered Accountants, Professional Auditors, Chartered Financial Analysts, Cost Accountants, etc.

Builder is our Predesigned Construction Business WordPress theme Perfect for small and big Firms providing Builder, Carpenter, Plumber, Painter, Handyman, Cleaner services.

This is perfect for Life and Business Coach, for any Corporate Website, Business Advisor, Financial Firm, Writer, etc. that wish to make an impressive internet presentation.