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costs & payment terms

We have made a very simple guide for you to prepare your contents for your website project. Download by clicking the button below.

We have an Introductory Promo of P3,500 (US$70) for the firstPages (One-Time Fee).

Generally, the cost of a website varies depending on the type of site and its complexity. For your reference, please see our Web Design Packages & Pricing.

Yes. The fees below are payable to 3rd Party Providers and not to us. To have a website launched online requires 2 things: A Domain Name and a Hosting.  

1] DOMAIN NAME – Around $15/yearly. Free on first year. 
Domain Name is the name of your site (www.yoursitename.com). 

2] HOSTINGFrom $3/Monthly.  Please see PRICING for more details. 
Your Hosting connects or hosts your site to the internet, making it viewable online to the world. 

The Payment Terms is: 

  • > 50% Initial Payment = Upon project COMMENCEMENT
  • > 50% Full Payment = Upon project COMPLETION (before your site goes live), unless otherwise specified.

Payments is online. All major credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks are accepted through PayPal.

If you don’t have a Paypal account, its not a problem. You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment.

contents FAQ

We have made a very simple guide for you to prepare your contents for your website project. Download by clicking the button below.

We suggest that you send or upload your files for your website contents via Wetransfer.com or through Google Drive (these are both free providers that allow large file transmissions).

Yes, by all means you can! The only thing is that, there might also be other clients be using the same contents. We encourage you to create your own contents look for your own photos and images. You can use own photos that you have taken yourself or use the stock photos of public domain websites like Pixabay & Unsplash. 

Yes. There are Royalty-free photos that you can use for your websites that you are given a privilege to use without attribution and without copyright infringement. Here are the websites: Pixabay & Unsplash. 

NO. They are subject to copyrights. Just make sure that you own the images and contents that you are going to put in your websites EXCEPT for those public domain sites like Pixabay & Unsplash. 

development faq

We have made a very simple guide for you to prepare your contents for your website project. Download by clicking the button below.

NO. In most cases a face-to-face meeting isn’t necessary and most of our websites are generally completed with communications via email, phone and any collaboration tools. We  will provide you the tools later.

Seven (7) Days is our regular turn around (provided we all have your contents ready to go).

However, the time it takes to build a website depends on the size and complexity of your site. Generally, your chosen Web Design Package in the Packages and Pricing will determine the delivery time. However, some more custom and complex projects may take longer.

Also, the actual time frame of any project is mostly determined by the client. It depends on how much input you can provide during the initial stages, your availability with feedback, how soon the content is ready and that you are able to provide revisions quickly. All these factors affect the speed of completion.

We build websites using WordPress Content Management System Platform that is tailored to suite all industries. WordPress is the world’s best and most popular CMS framework. It is one of the most flexible, robust and customizable website building solutions available today

We may build your website directly to your domain name. We however can restrict as who are able to view it.

Yes, you will be able to view it online. We can un-restrict the viewing for you for you when its needed.

How to get started? What is the process involved in creating a website?

Our process is designed to be very straightforward and simple: 

  1. 1.] Tell us about your business & send us your content (text & images, Youtube Videos) using this Guide.
  2. 2.] Choose a Web Design Package & Pay Initial 50% payment.
  3. 3.] Register Domain & Hosting & send us your Login Details.
  4. 4.] Pick from our Premade Designs.
  5. 5.] We will create your website.
  6. 6.] You review your website within 7 days.
  7. 7.] We do the final revision.
  8. 8.] Pay the Remaining 50% Balance

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